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1 Day

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This one-day Safety Awareness Training Course is ideal for employees and managers new to the role of Safety Officer or for those who require refresher training in the area. An intensive but enjoyable course, it is designed to give participants a clear understanding of the key areas of occupational health and safety legislation and guidance. Topics covered include the role of the safety officer, the co-ordination of safety in the workplace, risk assessments and accident investigation.

Successful completion of the course will allow participants to:

  • Identify the resources, roles and responsibilities required to manage health and safety effectively
  • Identify the policies required to manage health and safety risks in their workplace
  • Identify common hazards and risks in the workplace
  • Coordinate the completion of risk assessments of work activities
  • Carry out accident Investigations and the reporting of same

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Content/Topics Covered

  • The Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005
  • Role of the Safety Officer
  • Safety Representative and Employee Rights
  • The Role of the Health & Safety Authority
  • Co-ordinating Safety in the Workplace
  • Safety Statement
  • Identifying Hazards & Risk Assessment
  • Bullying and Harassment Policies
  • Pregnant Employees
  • Inspections and monitoring
  • Accident Investigation
  • Manual Handling
  • Fire

No. of Participants

Maximum of 12 learners per class

Training Methodology

Our approach to delivering this particular classroom based training is to blend theory with case studies and participant interaction. Participants will be given the confidence to apply what they have learned to their own working environments by participating in a number of activities and case studies throughout the course. Participant discussion is encouraged to ensure a practical understanding of each topic has been achieved and its application in the workplace of each participant.


Successful completion of this course leads to the awarding of an Order of Malta Ireland certificate of attendance in Safety Awareness.


This course can be provided onsite for groups or at our Training Centre.