Homelessness: The Brutal Reality

Climb Sensibly this Reek Sunday
July 25, 2019

Dublin is one of the most prosperous cities in Europe, hosting a vibrant population. But it also has a growing, often hidden problem: homelessness.

The work of the Order of Malta Knight Run features in a new documentary that looks at the issue of homelessness through the eyes of Sharon. Through her words, we get to see the brutal realities of sleeping on Dublin’s streets, a lifestyle that is especially dangerous for women.

But, the documentary also highlights positive efforts to combat this issue. It features the work of the Order of Malta, specifically the Knight Run, which is an outreach where volunteers give their time to help the vulnerable on Dublin’s streets. This group works with other concerned organisations to help provide medical care, an ambulance, food, drinks, and most importantly, conversation and social interaction.

We aim to deliver a message of hope in difficult times and shows how we can all help those that are less fortunate than ourselves.

Click here to view the documentary in full.

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