Order of Malta Responds to Wexford General Hospital Major Emergency

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February 9, 2023
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March 8, 2023

The fire that broke out in Wexford General Hospital yesterday has been declared a major hospital emergency. As such, Order of Malta Ireland volunteers in the South East region have responded to support the hospital and surrounding area.

The Order of Malta, alongside our colleagues in St John’s Ambulance and The Red Cross, are partners of the National Ambulance Service and are trained to step in as required in any major emergency.

14 Units across the South East have been deployed already, whilst Ambulance Corps units in all neighbouring regions have volunteers currently en route or additionally on standby to respond to the potential need for additional emergency vehicles and care.

While the fire is under control, more than 200 patients are being evacuated, and extensive damage has been caused to significant parts of the building.

We want to thank our volunteers who have stepped up to this crisis, and we hope patients and workers at Wexford General Hospital continue to stay safe.