Giving The Gift of Life

This is a joint project across the Order of Malta, under the operational responsibilities of the French Association of the Order. Located just 800 metres from the birthplace of Jesus Christ, the maternity hospital provides the population of Bethlehem and its surrounding area with an indispensable service, offering the only possible place for women of the region to give birth under good medical conditions. Palestine has no national health care system and therefore the hospital’s operating costs are sustained by the Order of Malta.

Since 1990 more than 75,000 babies have been born in the hospital. Its primary objective is to offer high-quality maternity care to all women, regardless of race, religion, culture or social condition. The Holy Family Hospital is a referral hospital to four UNRWA refugee camps in the region.

The Hospital’s mobile clinic travels weekly to isolated villages in the Judean desert offering medical/maternity care to communities living in tents and shacks without sanitation, electricity or clean running water.

Order of Malta Ireland, in partnership with Bethlehem University introduced a Direct Entry Midwifery Degree Programme in Bethlehem. Midwifery tutors and experts in neonatology from Ireland provide ongoing education, mentoring and support to the team.

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