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First Aid Response
First Aid Response Refresher
Cardiac First Response
First Aid
First Aid
Basic First Aid

PHECC Certified

Accident Scene Management & Casualty Assessment

Activating the Emergency Services

Administration of Aspirin

Automated External Defibrillator - (AED) - Adult

Automated External Defibrillator - (AED) - Child & Infant


Bandaging & Application of Wound Dressings

Bleeding Control & Treatment of Wounds

Burns & Scalds

Chemicals & Electrical Injuries

Choking - Adult

Choking - Child & Infant


CPR - Adult

CPR - Child & Infant


Crush Injury Management


First Aid in the Workplace & Relevant Legislation

Head & Spinal Injuries - Emergency Treatment

Head, Eye & Facial Injuries

Heart Attack & Cardiac Arrest

Injuries to Bones & Joints

Medical Emergencies - Adults

Medical Emergencies - Children


Recovery Position


Stroke Assessment

Unconsciousness / Impaired Responsiveness


3 Days
2 Days*
Half Day
2 Days
1 Day
2 Days

PHECC - Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council
* - This is a condensed course & offers a recap of the skills of the original skills previously covered in detail on the 3-day course. Evidence of previous learning within 2 years will be required.
1 - Demonstrated where possible.


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