3,000 Volunteers on standby as the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps activates Joint Voluntary Command Centre

October 24, 2017
“CPR Training Vital” says Heroic Garda
April 23, 2018

Responding to the potential severe weather threat, the Joint Voluntary Command Centre (JVCC), hosted in Order of Malta Headquarters in Ballsbridge, is being activated to coordinate the activity of the Voluntary Emergency Service Sector (VES) in conjunction with the HSE Emergency Management Office and the National Ambulance Service.

Order of Malta Ambulance Corps volunteers are preparing to assist the health care sector ensure continuity of service.

A Memorandum of Understanding exists between the HSE and the VES which provides a structured, co-ordinated approach to the activation and utilisation of the VES Sector in times of emergency.

As a result, Order of Malta Volunteers and their vehicles throughout the country have been placed on standby to supplement and assist the HSE and National Ambulance Service with their activities.

Captain Adrian Fallon, National Emergency Planning & Communications Officer stated:

“It is great to be part of a large community of volunteers who are willing to give their time to assist their colleagues in the Statutory Service and their local communities. This process highlights the excellent working relationship between all parties, both voluntary and statutory, on how we can come together to plan and prepare for the good of those around the country who need assistance.”

The activated JVCC will be manned between 7am and 11pm with night time arrangements in place by a series of volunteers who will coordinate the VES resources to areas where they are needed.

The JVCC consists of the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps, the Red Cross and St Johns Ambulance


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