Bray Unit 80th Anniversary

Limerick Unit 75th anniversary
June 7, 2023
The Order of Malta Ireland hosted executives from Northwell Health, NYC, USA in HQ Friday June 16th 2023.
June 16, 2023

Bray’s Order of Malta was honoured with a Cathaoirleach’s Reception hosted by the Elected Members of Bray Municipal District last Wednesday, 31st May.

The reception marked the Order’s commitment to the community over the last 80 years in providing medical and humanitarian assistance to those in need. The Bray Unit of the Order of Malta was established in 1943 by Dr Jack Fleetwood as the first Officer in charge.

Cllr Erika Doyle, Cathaoirleach of Bray Municipal District, stated: 

The Order of Malta is a constant reassuring presence at festivals, sporting events and large-scale gatherings, providing a safe haven for those who need it. In my capacity as Cathaoirleach I wish to congratulate and thank you all for your many years of voluntary and often unseen work.

“What the public see at events is the public facing side of the Order of Malta ambulance corps. But there is so much more to the organisation than that. You provide training, youth development and charity drives. You run lifesaving first aid and safety training courses. You provide an excellent outlet for young people through your Cadet programme, who are heavily involved in the community, offering them a rewarding route to personal development as well as lifesaving skills that they will take with them into adulthood.

“The Order of Malta is now woven into the fabric of Bray and many other towns like it. You exist as a safe pair of hands in situations that can sometimes be fast moving or chaotic. You carry, on occasion I’m sure, the fallout of the day with you when you pack up and head home. You carry out these duties while living a full other life and in many cases another occupation. There is something profoundly gracious about volunteering your time for no financial reward, to assist people when they are at their most vulnerable.”

Commander John Wright, National Director, and former Officer in Charge of the Bray Unit said: “As we celebrate this anniversary let us take a moment to reflect on the positive impact this Unit has had on the community of Bray. Over the last 80 years valuable services have been provided to those in need, joy brought to those who are struggling and inspiration to others to get involved and make a difference in the community.”

District Manager Lorraine Gallagher congratulated the Order of Malta Members on celebrating eight decades of service to people in need across the Bray District. She said: “Supporting the work of volunteers across the County is extremely important and the contribution of groups like the order of Malta active in our communities are now more important than ever having regard to the challenges people come across in their everyday lives, you are an excellent group of people doing exemplary work and we look forward to hearing more about your work and achievements in the years ahead.”