Ongoing support for Ukraine

Aid transport has reached Ukraine – Order of Malta network supplies refugees
February 28, 2022
January 3, 2023

Last week we had the honour of participating in an International meeting that focused on the Order of Malta’s Ukraine Response.

This meeting explored the needs of the Ukrainian people, to learn how we can best support them – both as individual stakeholders and as a network of the Order. Through this network, we continue to share experiences and develop plans of action.

More than 17 million people are in need in Ukraine, with approx. 7.9m refugees recorded across Europe.

The Head of Malteser Ukraine expressed his gratitude for the aid the Order of Malta’s humanitarian organizations provided, both for the Ukrainian people who have remained in the country at war and those who have taken refuge in other countries. “In Ukraine, this help is seen and truly appreciated,” he said. “It is still unclear what Christmas will be like in Ukraine, but it probably won’t be any better than today. And today much of Ukraine is without electricity”.

The meeting was attended by representatives of OMRO (Order of Malta Relief Organisations) from twelve countries, including France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Switzerland and Ukraine. The National Director of the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps represented Ireland.